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Empatiniai produktai

  General goal and objectives


Project start date: 01/04/2012
Project end date: 31/03/2015  

Project aim: to achieve better user experience by applying affective computing technologies to understand and respond to user intentions and emotions in food industry.

Project description:
An empathic application that (1) recognizes consumer preferences based on a combination of emotional, behavioural and sensory information; (2) provides more effective feedback from consumers about their food choices and helps to improve customer interaction with its consumers; and (3) gives additional helpful information about food products.

Application domains:
      • Educative, coaching, media                         
          - Education (MOOC)                                
          - Coaching (executives…)
          - Avatars, virtual worlds
          - Media (effectiveness…)
      • Health & wellbeing
          - Sleep monitoring
          - Handicapped / visually impaired  
      • Work environments
         - CRM-systems, business intelligence
         - Reputation assessment
         - Design of workspaces
         - Video conferencing
      • Public environments
         - Tourism
         - Retail      
      • Emotion detection 
         - Face expression                               
         - Sound analysis
         - Gesture interpretation
         - Text / metadata analysis + emotion detection
         - Visual content based analysis
         - Physiological sensors
         - Interaction capturing
      • Context awareness 
         - Indoor positioning
         - Context aware social networks
         - Context aware messaging
      • Intention capturing

Expected results:
  Methodology to create empathic (intentional & emotion enabled) applications in food market;
  New models for exploiting sensory attributes & intention & emotion awareness of food consumers;
Emotion & intention enabling technologies tested & validated in food market: baking and confectionary industries.





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