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Empatiniai produktai


1st Empathic Products Consortium Meeting (Brussels, 19-20th of September 2012)

The national consortium plans have been presented by project leader prof. G. Juodeikiene at The kick-off meeting held in Brussels, 19-20th of September 2012:

2nd Empathic Products Consortium Meeting (Paris, France, 30th October 2012)

The progress of the project in the Lithuania was presented by project leader prof. G. Juodeikiene at the PMT meeting (WP leaders + country coordinators).

The Agenda of the meeting:
1. Overview of the progress of the project in the various countries and the started cycles
2. Discussion of the cycle case methodology
3. Deliverables due in the next months
4. Administrative issues
    - PCA status
    - Change Request scheduling
    - Wiki contents
5. Missing task leaders and deliverable editors

3rd Empathic Products Consortium Meeting

In the implementation stage of the project, the main questions regarding the methodology for user co-creation of empathic products and hands-on cycle case documentation instructions and piloting and pilot reporting were discussed.



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