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EMPATHIC                                                                                       EUREKA ITEA2

Empatiniai produktai

  Working Packages

Provision WP structure

WP1: Case studies & requirements
• Scenarios
• Case studies
- Use cases
- Business model innovations
• Requirements
- Functional
- Non-functional
- Technical
• Specifications

WP2: User Research
Development of the methodologies for measuring the consumer attitudes (preference and liking/disliking) towards different sensory attributes of food products + emotion detection.

WP3: Affective technologies
• Low level technology bricks
• Multi-modal modeling and interaction
• User interaction and behaviour modeling
• Intention aware actuation

WP4: Empathic application development
• Definition of technology dependencies
• Mapping case studies to toolbox technologies
• Fast prototyping of empathic applications
• Definition of applications with case studies
• Implementation of applications
- Multi-cycle approach

WP5: Pilots
Perform the validation of the case study prototypes developed in WP4 as well as user studies.

WP6: Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardisation
Dissemination of the results of the project through contribution to workshop or publications.

WP7: KTU will coordinate the Lithuanian consortium, communication with project Coordinator and other project partners.



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